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What Are the Benefits of a Social Media Audit?

What Are the Benefits of a Social Media Audit?

What’s the first thing someone does when they hear about a business?

They visit their website and their social media accounts.

As a business owner, or a digital marketer, we know that you know you have to be on social media. But we also understand that many of you feel scared or uncertain. What will people say to me online? What does our brand need to be saying online? 

Enter the social media audit.

A social media audit is a great way to uncover what is working (and what isn’t) on your current social media platforms. It’s also a way to understand where your competitors are online, and what they’re doing.

By comparing your brand to that of your competitors, you can get a better understanding of what’s working and any gaps or opportunities that you can fill in.

What happens during a social media audit?

A typical audit, like say the one the Canadian Revenue Agency does, is to look for inconsistencies and failures. While a social media audit does examine these, it’s in a different way. Some things we immediately look for are:

  • How is your profile set up?
  • What does the layout of your profile accomplish?
  • Do you have a strong bio and visual assets?
  • What does your hashtag strategy look like?
  • What kinds of posts have you been creating?

After we take a 30,000 foot view of your profiles, we gain information to dig deep and uncover where you can be stronger, add more branding and be more consistent with your messaging.

By breaking down post types by content, and examining their performance, Ptak + Co can help you understand which pieces of existing content are evergreen and which perform the best. Do your images drive more goals than your videos? 

More importantly, we can also better define your goals. Maybe you’re in the awareness stage and having high impressions, reach and engagement is most important to you. Or maybe you want to drive website traffic, landing page views, or straight up leads, sales and conversions.

Can’t I Do This Myself?

Ok, sure. You can definitely run an audit on your own social media channels. However, it’s almost like the difference between doing a manicure at home or getting a manicurist to do one. The end results might be kind of similar, but a professional who does manicures day in and day out will have a stronger point of view, a better understanding of the tools needed to accomplish the job, and ultimately a better end result.

How Can A Social Media Audit Help My Business?

It’s true that nobody understands their customers better than a business owner, but nobody understands social media better than a social media marketer. A social media audit will help you better understand how social media is driving key business goals. It can help you press pause and refocus your efforts to ensure a stronger return on investment. 

And at the end of the day, that’s what any business owner cares about the most. Money in versus money out.

It’s important to treat your social media like a vehicle – getting it serviced to prevent future issues is proactive. We never want to be reactive, especially since it usually is a lot more expensive.

Ptak + Co’s social media audits help save you time, money and energy by providing you with a clear road map to your social media destination. So what are you waiting for?

Request your social media audit now!

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